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Suzhou General Printing House Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SGPH or the Company) is one of the first national demonstration printing companies, a recognized high-tech company in Jiangsu Province, and one of the first green printing companies to pass the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. After decades of hard work, SPGH has developed into a comprehensive printing company specializing in design and manufacturing of color packaging for pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, publication printing and anti-counterfeit bill printing in China.

The Company is transforming its business from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and is committed to green printing and the promotion and application of network-based, digital and intelligent printing. We have introduced sets of international cutting-edge equipment. For pre-press, we have Kodak CTP digital design and plate making system and Scan Proof digital proofreading system. For in-press, we have introduced German Manroland multi-color UV printing machine groups equipped with online automatic quality inspection system, and through PECOM system, we can realize digital and network management by sharing process data. For post-press, we have introduced BOBST, Tianjin Changrong MK and other automatic die-cutting and gluing production lines to form a post-press deep processing system. Through all-round standardized management, the Company has developed a set of intelligent package manufacturing system, and its share of high-end printing products in domestic and export markets is among the top in China.

The Company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation and pragmatism", and constantly develops green and high-tech products with proprietary intellectual property rights. The Company has been awarded more than 30 patents of various types. It has continuously provided quality professional services and full solutions for packaging products for many Fortune 500 companies, and has been recognized as a strategic partner of various famous brands in China and beyond.

Entering the 21st century, the Company implemented comprehensive restructuring, changing from a state-owned enterprise to a private limited liability company. After moving to the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park in 2003, the Company continued to deepen its technological reform, introduce cutting-edge printing equipment, improve innovation capabilities and expand markets. It has become one of the top 100 printing companies in China and achieved rapid development.

During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, we established and improved the green printing system, created Jiangsu Green Printing Engineering Technology Research Center, and met the environmental requirements for VOC emission and solid waste and sewage treatment. At the same time, we focused on technological innovation, constantly developed green and high-tech products with proprietary intellectual property rights and was awarded more than 30 patents.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the Company remain committed to transforming from traditional manufacturing to digital and intelligent development, and upgrading the factory with advanced digital and intelligent production systems. We will stay true to our original aspirations, build on the legacy formed by generations of printing workers, keep pace with the new era to build a lasting business with entrepreneurship and hard work.